Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A few things on my mind

It's been a busy week, as always, and I am always torn between work obligations-$$$- and all my personal interests. How do I choose between making art, teaching, writing songs, playing music, practicing guitar, designing and making jewelry and all my other interests? Clearly something has to go or give, as they say. The problem is I don't want to give anything up. So it's a precarious balancing act that is sure to do me in one of these days. Top all this off with doing housework, yuck!, cooking, walking the dog and staying in touch with friends and family.

So the question is, how do I make this all work? I seem to just go with the flow and work on whatever appeals to me at the moment while trying to take care of things that need to get done in a timely fashion. I guess this is a good strategy but I feel as if something always falls short, like me! I have the power to focus on one thing when something important has to get done, like preparing for a show, but everything else in my life falls to the side or is ignored (mostly housework), and I'm left picking up the pieces months later when my life gets back to so called normal.
I am having a show in June 2009 with a photographer named Don Sichler and the current dilemma is what do I show? I've focused on making sculpture from found objects for the past five years or so (several pieces are shown here) and even though I love doing these pieces, I feel a change coming on. Since I've been teaching my mixed media collage class for the past year and a half I've been working more in, what else, mixed media collage! I always do new work for a new show, which is a challenge, but it keeps me fresh and exploring new mediums and ideas. I wouldn't want it any other way but I always go through this gestation period where I torture myself with "what if's".
I have several new ideas that I'd like to try out for this show but don't want to talk about them yet. As things become clear to me I will post them and keep you, and me, up to date.

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self taught artist said...

the tough questions right? I mean its not like you can say this week or this month I will do ____ right? I guess when it is all creative stuff you kind of are at its mercy more often than not.
I hear you though, and have no answers. for me I find I just have to keep whatever is my current passion in front of me and allow things to come and go without getting too wigged out.
congrats on the show coming up ~ impressive you keep pushing yourself to do new, sounds scary but challenging.