Tuesday, December 16, 2008

About Me Photo

Fairyland Shoes

I stepped outside this morning to a cold wet rain with no hood and no umbrella. Sasha and I were not happy. Yesterday it was almost sixty degrees here in NYC. Beautiful but a little freaky for this time of year. Now I sit here trying to do a new post and my computer is acting up again. Makes me want to throw the damn thing against the wall but where would that get me? I guess it's time to head to the Apple store for a check up 'cause this is really frustrating!

The topic for today is my About Me Photo. Several people, friends included, have mentioned that I look a little somber, even nun like, in said photo. A few have politely mentioned the object in the background looking like a cross, which I guess it does, but most definitely is not! It's this charming little piece I did several years ago called "Fairyland Shoes". Of course it's so small that you can hardly see the details at all so I thought I'd set the record straight and prove how uncross like it really is. SEE!!!!!

So the question is should the photo stay or go? Should it be an arty photo without me in it or another attempt at me trying to look arty? I will consider all comments carefully and make my decision later this week. Thanks for your input.


deb said...

I think its brave of you to post a picture of yourself at all!! I just got a new haircut and my oldest daughter keeps trying to get a picture so she can send it to all her friends who haven't seen it... funny I used to model a bit and now I hate having my picture taken!!

Liz Curtin said...

Hi Deb, I too hate having my picture taken, mostly because I either come out looking like a chipmunk or get caught with a big red nose (and I don't even drink)
I don't know about brave, stupid maybe, to post a pic of myself. So why do bloggers choose their photo? Any comments?