Saturday, December 12, 2009

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It's been almost a week and true to the promise to  myself that I would post, here I am. Not much to say today. Coming out of a rough time emotionally but working it through and through and through..... I've been doing an online journaling class with Stephanie Lee and it has been wonderful but I think draining for me as well. I would encourage anyone interested in journaling to take her online course. She's a fantastic writer who has much insight and very thought provoking exercises. I signed up for the second go-round which starts in January.

Last night when I couldn't sleep and was ruminating over and over and over about every bad thing I could possibly think of, I got up and started writing in my journal. I wrote for almost an hour. Poured my heart out, cried, said some things that really scared me. But then I started feeling better. Towards the end of the mostly negative writing I turned it around and finished up with a few positive things to carry me off to sleep, finally. I did get about 3 hours, not nearly enough for me but felt better today than I have in a long time. Today I wrote pages and  pages on the bus in the pouring rain waiting for all the people to get on and off and finally making it to Broadway to catch the train.

So the moral of this story is 1. I had way more to say than I thought 2. keep up my daily practice of writing in my journal 3. get a good night's sleep tonight 4. write to heal

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Flow of Grace


Flow of Grace was one of those pieces that came together almost effortlessly about two weeks before my last show opened in mid September. The day I gave my artist's talk in October, it sold and happy though I am about that I feel a little hole in my heart for this piece that I never got to live with. The title, Flow of Grace, was taken from a CD by Krishna Das that I love. I just loved the title and the way it made me feel. I need more flow of grace in my life and as soon as I finished this piece I knew that would be the title. So thank you Krishna Das for the title and your beautiful music. I recently got to experience him in concert in NYC and it was incredible and the music profoundly moving. I will be taking a workshop with him and Sharon Salzberg in January. Can't wait for that.