Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Evolution of a Box Piece

 I found this drawer lying on a table in the room where I teach collage. At first I thought it was wood but when I touched it realized it was plastic. I was disappointed at first but then decided it didn't matter.  Nobody claimed it and it had my name all over it so I took it home. Here is what I did with it:

The inside of the box was covered in red flocked paper. Yuck! I should have taken a picture of it but didn't. I glued this vintage marbled paper inside to carry the antique look I was going for. I found these papers on the street along with covers for an old dictionary. The covers I used to make a journal that I showed in a previous post.

Next I glued this wonderful sheer fabric with roses to the outside on two sides. It used to part part of a blouse. I wanted to cover the plastic and integrate the outside with the inside more.

I have all these vintage sewing notions that I've been wanting to use in a piece and this was the perfect opportunity. The small card on the right holds woman's garters. The  larger card on the left holds hooks and eyes and has beautiful text.  I made the spiral from a bit of cloth covered copper wire that was fraying and hung it from the top of the box with some waxed linen.

A numerical table got glued to the back wall and an old green tape measure is down on the bottom.

 I think I'll call it Sewing Box


milkcan said...

How cool, Liz! I'm so glad that you'll be participating in Art Journal Every Day!

Liz Curtin said...

Hey Julie, Thanks so much! This reminds me that I need to put the Art Journal Every Day badge on my blog. Can't wait for it to start.