Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Patterned paper

I made these patterned papers and foam stamps after taking a class with Ann Kronenberg in NYC. Ann is an incredibly talented teacher whose knowledge, generous samples and artwork are truly inspiring. I in turn taught the technique to my two collage classes and they loved it as well. Now, will I be able to cut them up to use in collage? They are so rich and beautiful as is that I hate to cut them apart but eventually I will. Over the holiday weekend I plan to make some more and possibly work a few into some artwork. I'll post pictures soon.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and have a safe trip if you are traveling.
All art work copyright 2008 Liz Curtin and may not be copied or used without the artist's permission. Thank you.


Mary said...

Heh Liz!

Beautiful paper! Adam was here a few minutes ago asking me about all the works you brought last summer. See you have a fan from Iowa as well! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Cool patterns! Cut up the papers! You can always make some more. I have the same question about my fabrics. But if we do not use them in our life time they will go to the landfill!!!
Love you blog! I am glad you took the plunge. I might have to follow you as you swim in the blog ocean.