Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's been such a long time... it's good to be back!

 So here I am almost a year later...posting... I wonder why it takes me so long in between posts? I've done a lot of new work since my last post (in fact I'm working on a new series) but haven't taken pics of most of it so here is a piece from last year that I think reflects my question of not posting. I need more loyalty to my own work, to photographing and posting it regularly. To getting it out there and sharing it with the world. Once again I will work on making that happen...

There is a new show at the Carter Burden Gallery with artists David Cerulli, Angela Valeria and Vera Sapozhnikova that is great! Hope you get a chance to see it.

 Carter Burden Gallery
548 West 28th Street, #534
(between 10th & 11th Avenues)
New York, NY  10001

September 5-October 10, 2013
Tues-Fri 11-5 Sat 11-6

In his paintings and sculptures, David Cerulli explores the internal and external structures of forms that appear to be in the process of transition or evolution. Drawing on patterns and structures found in nature, Cerulli’s work integrates the organic with the architectural, creating opportunities for the viewer to experience the internal and the external simultaneously. Cerulli’s sculptures exhibited in Still Working are the result of his three week residency at the gallery.

Angela Valeria’s work is inspired by the natural world, ancient deities, zoology, modern ecology, and the belief that all creation shares a common karma or destiny to which every individual, not exclusively human, contributes. Drawing on this inspiration, her work in a variety of media explores this inseparable link between the human race, nature, and the reciprocal evolution with all other life forms shared on the planet.

On the Wall, the unique public art installation created exclusively for the Carter Burden Gallery, will feature Vera Sapozhnikova. In her large panel painting, Spring in the City, Sapozhnikova’s use of bold brush strokes and colors evoke the optimism and celebration of that spring brings to the city and its inhabitants.

That's all for now. See you again soon. I promise!

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Liz - LOVE this this :)