Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Check me out!

I was spotlighted on Julie Balzer's blog the other day as part of a long post she did. What fun! Julie has the best blog full of great ideas, her own and other crafters, tons of photos and inspiring ideas, and lots of links to other artists blogs.

Liz Curtin is a student of mine and a lovely artist. 
See the necklace she's wearing?  She made it and the charms are...paperclips!  Isn't that cool?  Paperclips!
She bent and curled the bottom part of the paperclip so that the charms would hang from the chain.  I think it's a totally genius idea!  I am on the lookout for some pretty, decorative paperclips to use as charms!


Test Test said...

Hello dear Liz!

Oh, I love the photo of you with the paperclip necklace and your beautiful smile! How wonderful that you got recognized by such a wonderful artist - wonderful and very deserved! - because *you* are such an amazing artist! Please keep sharing your lovely pieces with us!

Stacey said...

Oops! Not sure my name came up as "test, test" but it's me - your biggest fan - Stacey!

CTStudios said...

Ohh ... I see that you are wearing that lovely necklace in the picture ... it looks great on the body as well as on the table.

What a nice spotlight ...

Liz Curtin said...

Hi Stacey and Lorrie,

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments. What a fun week it's been having my jewelry spotlighted on Julie's blog and having a story I wrote on Stacey's blog! Big hugs to Stacey for being my biggest fan!

Kerri said...

what?! they don't look like paperclips. how pretty and how smart to think to do that! :)