Monday, April 5, 2010

Cone flower Quilt & ATC's

Homage to John
My cone flower quilt was designed from a journaling exercise that Julie Balzer did in her Journal Quilt class at City Quilter in Manhattan. Each person was handed a small image and from that had to do a series of quick sketches that the image invoked. From the 8 or 9  sketches done, one image is chosen to blow up and make into an 8 1/2" x 11" quilt. I chose the cone flower because it reminded me of the beautiful house I had in Vermont with my late husband John and the perennial gardens I tended lovingly. It is an homage to my husband.

The quilt is painted with Lumiere fabric paints, machine and hand quilted and in the process of being hand beaded. I spent three glorious hours in the park yesterday sitting at one of the chess tables hand beading.

These are two of 9 ATC's I made for a recent trade I did with a group of women in the Journal Quilt class I just finished taking with Julie Balzer at City Quilter.  The only criteria was that they had to be quilt like in some way. So I took patterned paper I had previously painted with acrylic paints, layered that with cotton batting and backed it all with lightweight canvas. I stitched each ATC with a cross stitch in each corner to hold the layers together then sewed on a found object gleaned from the streets of Manhattan in the week prior to making the ATC's.


Stacey said...

Hi Liz!

Oh, thank you so much for this post - it is SO lovely to see some of your recent work! The beading of your quilt is exquisite and I love your ATC artwork! I can't wait to send my friend, who also trades ATC's, here to see them too!

Thanks SO much for sharing all the loveliness here! Take wonderful care, Stacey

Anna, David, Afton and Raelin said...

Hi Liz,

Stacey sent me this link. WOW!!! The purple cone flower quilt is breathtaking!! I love your ATCs too!!! We have enjoyed making ATCs for years. They are such a fun medium for adults and children.

Thank you for sharing your amazing work!